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SnowSeekers celebrates its fifth birthday

Today marks the fifth anniversary of SnowSeekers commitment to inspire people to travel to some of the planet’s best winter destinations in Alberta and British Columbia.   

After a year of research and development, SnowSeekers went “live” on January 27, 2009 with a website, social media channels and a complimentary TV series, of the same name. “Since Day One our mission has been to promote and drive more traffic to our favourite places on the planet, namely the snow-filled destinations across Western Canada,” says CEO and co-founder Jim Barr. “Considering our stats, I’d say we’ve achieved that goal.”   

Launched in 2009 to capitalize on the growing attention generated by the 2010 Winter Olympics, SnowSeekers has grown into an authority on everything snow for this part of the world. It has been on the cutting edge of new media by using the latest in technology to inspire travellers’ experiences.
The company’s media brands, including SnowSeekers and FestivalSeekers allow travellers to make the most of their experiences in a destination, via an array of innovative mobile, online and social media offerings. Since its 2009 launch, SnowSeekers has served up over 850,000 pages on its website, serviced over 415,000 visitors to its website, processed over 210,000 unique users sessions on its SnowSeekers iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile apps, and reached more than 4,000,000 people through its social media channels. In total, SnowSeekers has reached more than 4.5 million specific winter-minded travellers through its online, mobile and social media channels.  
“When you add up all of our distribution points, it totals over 35,000 hours of inspirational SnowSeekers content that has been consumed by audiences around the world,” says Barr.     
Seekers Media, the parent company to SnowSeekers, looks forward to inspiring hundreds of thousands of more snow-seeking travellers in its next five years.   
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