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British Columbia Marketing Buy-In Opportunity – Westworld Magazine

Promote your event or unique Alberta experience to approximately half a million British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) members in British Columbia.

BCAA readers are travel savvy, affluent, and enjoy travelling in western Canada.

Reach these consumers by directing a full page advertorial which allows you to connect with a writer that will create an article specific for your business. These full page full color articles include design, layout and writer fees.

For the first time, we are also featuring a package section in the insert that will allow you to present your own travel package to this opulent market.

The Back Cover Ad of Westworld Magazine is also available. 

BC Westworld Magazine stats:
Circulation – 478.000
Male-Female split: 53/47
Median age: 53
Average household income: $75,000
Travelled in western Canada in the past year: 65%
Vacationed in Alberta in past year: 44%

This opportunity is part of a series of marketing opportunities developed by Travel Alberta for the Canadian market in 2013-2014 to magnify your marketing efforts. Travel Alberta values its industry partnerships and is always striving to help leverage your marketing dollars. We’ve all seen the benefits of working together on marketing initiatives.

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