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IAPHC honours Explore Kananaskis Country publication

The 2010 edition of Explore Kananaskis Country and the Ghost Area was recently honoured by the IAPHC at their 36th International Gallery of Excellence, for excellence in the arts and sciences of graphic expression.

The 36th International Gallery of Excellence presented a creative cavalcade of truly dazzling entries from around the globe to its International jurors over several weekends in October and November, 2010 at Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. For more information about this award, see: .

When asked about the future plans for Explore Kananaskis Country, Mr. Héry Christian of Alberta Parks explained that 'Parks' has been so pleased with the performance of Explore Kananaskis that the decision has been made to expand its editorial coverage. Explore Alberta Parks, as it will become known in 2011, will provide readers with valuable information about the provincial parks and recreation areas throughout Alberta while maintaining the same graphic excellence that has propelled Explore Kananaskis to earn international recognition.

For more information about Explore Alberta Parks, please contact Christian Héry in Canmore at (403) 678.5500, ext 289. For further information about the 2011 edition of Explore Alberta Parks, call Bob Harris in Calgary at (403) 259.8290, or write to

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