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Medalta Potteries National Historic Site receives less flood damage than initially anticipated

The Medalta Potteries National Historic Site has escaped the worst of a flood which devastated much of Southern Alberta. However, the site will remain closed to visitors as staff and volunteers work on dealing with flood damage. The site – which includes an industrial museum, contemporary gallery, gift shop, and event space – is preparing to open again on Thursday, July 4.

Any flood damage to Medalta was mitigated to a large extent because of permanent berms that surround the site. These berms have been built over the past eighteen years, specifically to deal with potential flooding. The museum galleries, collection room and offices sustained some damage while the Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics was spared.

Medalta has been closed to the public since a mandatory evacuation order was issued for the River Flats neighbourhood (of which Medalta is a part) on June 22, 2013. Following the flood, staff and volunteers returned to the site to deal with flood damage in the exhibits and offices.

Medalta’s museum galleries are being prepared for opening on Thursday, July 4 at 9:30am. This includes the Collector’s, Turning Room and Reception Galleries. The popular Market at Medalta, which takes place every Thursday from 4:30pm – 8:30pm will be open to the public on Thursday, July 4. Exhibitions planned for the Yuill Family Gallery are scheduled to open on July 15 with a public opening reception to be announced later.

“We are very concerned about the River Flats neighbourhood,” says Barry Finkelman, Executive Director of Medalta and the Historic Clay District. “We were fortunate in that we were able to escape the worst of the flooding. But we are aware that many in our neighbourhood were not so fortunate. Our thoughts are with them.”

About Medalta - The Historic Clay District is a 150-acre National Historic Site in Medicine Hat, Alberta which encompasses a number of historically significant clay factory sites. One of the centerpieces of the Historic Clay District is the Medalta Potteries National Historic Site, which features an industrial history museum, major industrial archaeological excavation, contemporary ceramic artists-in-residence program and working pottery. It is one of eight major attractors within the Canadian Badlands and receives support from the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and City of Medicine Hat.

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Medalta, in the Historic Clay District

Medalta in the Historic Clay District