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Alberta’s New Cabinet Focused on Jobs, Economic Growth and Diversification

Six new members were sworn in to Alberta’s Cabinet on February 2, better equipping it to implement a robust policy agenda aimed at economic growth and diversification, while continuing to reflect Alberta’s diversity and gender balance.

“Together, our new Cabinet team will deliver on the government’s plans to create jobs, diversify the economy during difficult times and put our province in the best position possible for future growth.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

Highlights of changes

  • Sarah Hoffman becomes Deputy Premier, while continuing to serve as Minister of Health.
  • Five new ministers and one new associate minister have been named. This allows for a more evenly shared workload, with most ministers now responsible for a single portfolio.
  • Alberta’s Cabinet is still smaller than any previous Cabinet in the province over the past decade, and remains the smallest in western Canada.
  • The department of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour is renamed Labour.
  • The department of Aboriginal Relations is renamed Indigenous Relations, reflecting the preference of Indigenous communities.
  • The Minister of Labour will also be responsible for democratic renewal.
  • Oneil Carlier becomes Deputy House Leader. Deron Bilous also continues to serve as Deputy House Leader.

The Premier also announced the creation of the Alberta Climate Change Office, which will report to Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips. It will assist in the implementation of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, which will support green research and infrastructure, economic diversification and renewable energy.

Alberta Cabinet in order of precedence

Rachel Anne Notley

Premier of Alberta

President of Executive Council

Sarah Marjorie Hoffman

Deputy Premier

Minister of Health

Brian Mason

Minister of Infrastructure

Minister of Transportation

Government House Leader

David Manson Eggen

Minister of Education

Deron Michael Bilous

Minister of Economic Development and Trade

Deputy Government House Leader

Joseph Anthony Ceci

President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

Kathleen Teresa Ganley

Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Shannon Phillips

Minister of Environment and Parks

Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office

Oneil John Carlier

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Deputy Government House Leader

Danielle Marie Larivee

Minister of Municipal Affairs

Margaret Ellen McCuaig-Boyd

Minister of Energy

Irfan Sabir

Minister of Human Services

Lori Dawn Sigurdson

Minister of Seniors and Housing

Richard John Feehan

Minister of Indigenous Relations

Christina Gray

Minister of Labour

Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal

Stephanie Veronica McLean

Minister of Service Alberta

Minister of Status of Women

Ricardo Miranda

Minister of Culture and Tourism

Marlin Robert Schmidt

Minister of Advanced Education

Brandy Lynn Payne

Associate Minister of Health

Media inquiries

Cheryl Oates

Media Relations, Office of the Premier

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