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Traveller Photos Curated for Tourism Marketing

Travel Alberta has an efficient new way to acquire authentic photos from travellers which our tourism partners can then use in marketing materials.

Using licensed software, Travel Alberta can now easily search, organize and review the most awe-inspiring photos posted by visitors. The software automates the process of obtaining permission to use these images in Alberta marketing efforts.

“Today, everyone can take a good quality photo on their phone and share it openly,” says Marney St. John, Travel Alberta’s Director of Brand Experiences. “We have integrated this new reality into our brand strategy. Highlighting the experiences shared by travellers helps build affinity for the Alberta tourism brand.”

Photos are Available for Your Use
Using the software, select photos are curated and posted to the Travel Alberta website, displayed at our Visitor Information Centres and added to the Travel Alberta Multimedia Library where tourism industry partners can easily view and download images.

In three months, more than 400 new images have been added. Visit the multimedia library and type ‘UGC’ (“user-generated content”) into the search field.

User-Generated Content is Critical
Research shows consumers are influenced in their travel decisions by family and friends. Social media plays a vital role in this conversation because experiences shared in a visitor’s own words and photos are more relatable and trusted.

“Every day on social media we see how powerful real travellers’ images are,” says Susan Darch, Director of Global Media at Travel Alberta. “They see a photo of an experience an actual traveller is enjoying, and they think ‘hey, I’d like to do that, too.’ ”

Partners See Benefit in UGC
Alberta tourism partners are seeing the value of using traveller-generated images to enhance their marketing’s impact and credibility.

“Using visitor-generated imagery in both traditional and digital marketing campaigns has allowed Jasper to be truly authentic and has inspired more visitors to travel to Jasper,” says Kyle Harms, Manager of Digital Communications at Tourism Jasper.

How the New System Works
The software Travel Alberta uses monitors social media hashtags such as #explorealberta on Instagram and Twitter.

Credit is given to the traveller by including their social media handle beside the photo. Acknowledging who took the photo underscores its authenticity, enhances engagement and creates a recognizable advocate for Alberta.

Travel Alberta also acquires images from social influencers. These are highly engaged people who use social media to tell stories, share photos and video, and talk with thousands of fans and followers.

It’s Easy to Participate!
Encourage your guests to post images on social media using the #explorealberta hashtag. This allows Travel Alberta to see their photos and, potentially, add them to the multimedia library.

Visit Travel Alberta’s multimedia library and access traveller and influence images that are there for use in your marketing materials.

If you are active in social media marketing, contact Travel Alberta at and tell us the social media hashtags you promote and use regularly. We will monitor and acquire the very best images posted by travellers.

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