Travel Alberta

Measurement Grounded in Strategy

Travel Alberta’s 2017-18 Corporate Scorecard is now available online. Measuring results of our long-term strategy is critical to future investment and activity for both Travel Alberta and our stakeholders.

Travel Alberta uses corporate scorecard methodology to align our business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, measure organization performance against strategic goals, and improve internal and external communications. We measure and report transparently through a corporate scorecard according to targets set within our strategic objectives and approved by Travel Alberta’s Board of Directors.

As a marketing organization, Travel Alberta doesn’t have traditional distribution channels or a “cash register.” Receiving and reacting to real-time data is critical to our success in reaching our customers. Travel Alberta’s Marketing Performance Index (MPI) is the real-time measurement of Travel Alberta’s direct-to-traveller marketing initiatives. It’s an indicator of how we are engaging with the traveller and how, in return, travellers are engaging with us. Our MPI is part of the corporate scorecard and serves as our master measurement strategy for traveller-direct initiatives.

Travel Alberta continues to explore effective and innovative means to measure outcomes to support Team Alberta’s goal to grow tourism revenues to $10 billion by 2020. To learn more about Travel Alberta’s strategy, you can view or download our 2016-18 Business and Marketing Plans on our industry website. 

Travel Alberta