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Meet the Street Tickets Now on Sale!

Première production of play takes our history to the streets

The premiere performance of Meet the Street, a play written and produced by St. Albert duo,
Maureen Rooney and Paul Punyi of Rooney and Punyi Educational Theatre Productions, is set
to go on Sunday, June 12.

“We are very pleased to present this made in St. Albert, original production,” remarks Margaret
Plain, 150th Celebration Committee Chair. “To see our history brought to life by local actors,
including the Mayor, will be very exciting.”
Inspiration for the play struck Maureen Rooney one afternoon when she was driving around the
city. “I thought, 'nobody knows the people these streets were named after'. So Paul and I
proposed the idea to create an event for our 150th celebrations that would allow audiences to
meet our founders in a creative and exciting way,” says Rooney. “Using buses to transport
audience members back in time and using local performers from our high schools and
community to bring their stories to life.”
The day starts at Servus Credit Union Place where participants will board a bus and be taken to
eight locations where they will witness theatrical vignettes portraying the lives of the historical
figures our street are named after.

These historical figures include:
• Bishop Vital Grandin — instrumental in the development of religious boundaries in
Western Canada and aided in the establishment of St. Albert
• Fleuri Perron — businessman, politician and mayor of St. Albert
• Sam Cunningham — local politician from NWT
• Louis Riel — Canadian politician and leader of the Métis
• Poundmaker — Chief of Cree tribe
• Alice Giroux — promoter of the arts, wife and assistant of Dr. Arthur Giroux
• Lorne Akins — local farmer
• Father Albert Lacombe — French–Canadian Roman Catholic missionary who lived
among and evangelized Cree and Blackfoot nations

The day will end with the vignette of Father Albert Lacombe performed at the St. Albert Catholic
Parish. There will be a small reception with tea, a nod to the historical cup of tea had between
Father Lacombe and Bishop Tache at that very site when St. Albert settlement was first

“Now that it is researched, written and rehearsed, I canʼt wait for the audience to see it!”
exclaims Maureen. “The audience will love the experience of meeting these strong, brave,
hardworking visionaries from our past, and it will forever change the way they feel when they
take a drive along Grandin Road or a stroll along Perron Street.”
These stories will continue to be brought to life as the script for Meet the Street will be turned
into a tangible legacy piece. The St. Albert 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee plans to
purchase the script rights and pay for the printing of the script for local schools. In this way, the
script can be used to educate students and as a reference piece for libraries and schools.
“We are happy to be able to offer this piece of our local history as an ongoing legacy for local
schools,” says Margaret Plain. “An important part of our 150th celebrations is to celebrate our
heritage and to leave behind something for others to enjoy in the future.”

Tickets for Meet the Street are now one sale. See 8 plays for $20!
$20 Adults (+GST)
$7.50 Child (12 and under)
Available from Rendezvous 2011 office:
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• by phone (VISA, MasterCard)
109B, 50 St. Thomas Street (the corner of Perron Street and Sir Winston Churchill Avenue)
Monday through Friday | 8 AM to 5 PM | 780–458–4630
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Anne Hanson
Communications Subcommittee
Rendezvous 2011

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