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2012 Alberta Visitor Profiles now available

Whether to see their friends and relatives, for business, or for pleasure, 33.1 million person-visits were made in 2012 to destinations in Alberta by residents of Alberta, other parts of Canada, the United States, and overseas countries. 

To better understand the volume and characteristics of these visitors, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation has prepared a special analyses of the 2012 Travel Survey of Residents of Canada (TSRC) and the 2012 International Travel Survey (ITS), which are both conducted by Statistics Canada. These consumer surveys provide tourism information for travel in Alberta by Canadians and trips to the province made by U.S. and overseas visitors. This includes same day and overnight trips for Albertans and residents of other parts of Canada, and overnight trips only for U.S. and overseas visitors. 

These visitor profiles outline specifics of travellers in Alberta, including country of origin, purpose for travel, average length of stay, accommodation preferences and seasonality. Profiles are available per region and also for the province as a whole.


2012 Person-Visits by Origin:
• Residents of Alberta: 28.3 million person-visits (85.5%)
• Other Parts of Canada: 3.3 million person-visits (10%)
• United States: 817,000 person-visits (2.5%)
• Overseas: 683,000 person-visits (2%) 

2012 Person-Visits by Tourism Region:
• Calgary and Area: 8.57 million person-visits
• Alberta Central: 7.99 million person-visits
• Edmonton and Area: 6.49 million person-visits
• Alberta South: 4.77 million person-visits
• Canadian Rockies: 4.27 million person-visits
• Alberta North: 1.75 million person-visits

Note: due to methodological changes to the 2011 Travel Survey of Residents of Canada, there is a historical break in the data series. Therefore, commencing in 2011, data for Alberta and Other Canada may not be compared with previous years.
Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation - Tourism Research and Innovation Branch