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Alberta DMF Collectors Affirm Voluntary Code of Conduct

Community and corporate Destination Marketing Fee (DMF) Collectors from around Alberta recently came together to share their views on the future of DMFs in our province.  The AHLA organized the meeting to present a draft Voluntary Code of Conduct for DMF Collectors and discuss how to assure accountability of all of the DMFs that are operating in Alberta.

“This meeting was a fantastic opportunity for DMF Collectors to come together to discuss common issues and to learn from each other,” said AHLA Board Chair Perry Wilford.  “We are pleased to support our members by hosting a forum for DMFs to learn from each other.”

After reviewing the work the AHLA has done on DMFs in our province since 2010, CEO Dave Kaiser shared the Voluntary Code of Conduct for DMF Collectors.  This Code was developed by the AHLA at the suggestion of its DMF Task Force, and is based on the AHLA’s Recommendations for the Governance & Administration of DMFs.

The Voluntary Code of Conduct advises DMF Collectors to:

  1. Create the DMF Collector as a legal entity with its own bylaws.
  2. Develop a Strategic Plan and Business Plan for the DMF Collector, and ensure there is a Marketing Plan for how funds will be used.
  3. Engage stakeholders.
  4. Develop policies that will promote accountability.

The 10 DMFs present discussed elements of the Code, the challenges of enforcing a voluntary code of conduct, and the potential impacts of implementing the Voluntary Code of Conduct to individual DMFs and all DMF Collectors. Representatives indicated their support for the Code and are taking it back to their organizations to adopt in the coming months.

The Voluntary Code of Conduct for DMF Collectors is available online at For more information, contact Dave Kaiser, AHLA President & CEO at 780 436 6112.

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