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Catch & The Oyster Bar launches 100% sustainable Ocean Wise menus

Catch & The Oyster Bar, located on Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary, is proud to announce that their new menus are now 100 per cent Ocean Wise. 

Catch & The Oyster Bar has worked closely with the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise program since 2008 to source sustainable seafood and to ensure they make responsible decisions when purchasing seafood products. Ocean Wise is a highly reputable conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood, and promote industry leaders to set the bar for sustainable practices. 

As an active member of the program, Catch has devoted countless hours towards researching and creating relationships with fishing operations in order to source all seafood items to align with the Ocean Wise  list.  Catch is one of a few seafood restaurants in Alberta offering a 100 per cent Ocean menu. 

"Catch is consistently recognized as Calgary’s best seafood restaurant, so ensuring that we provide sustainable options has always been top of mind," said Ian Blaney, General Manager, Catch & The Oyster Bar. "We have been an Ocean Wise partner for five years, and are proud to have reached this major milestone of becoming 100 per cent Ocean Wise approved."  

Executive Chef Kyle Groves works tirelessly to provide guests with the best culinary experience while offering environmentally-conscious menu selections. This has included creating a market for select sustainable seafood products that were previously unavailable to consumers. 

"In our kitchens, we use high quality, fresh ingredients that are safely and responsibly sourced, including over 80 Ocean Wise food items," said Groves. "I am passionate about creating innovative dishes while ensuring a strong and sustainable future for our oceans." 

In addition to participating in the Ocean Wise program, Catch promotes green energy by using Bullfrog Power, the only 100 per cent renewable electricity provider in Alberta. Catch’s commitment to sustainable cuisine has also inspired the restaurant to grow some of their own herbs and produce, using one of the only rooftops gardens in the city. 

Catch was also recently awarded a Level Two Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF) certification for its commitment to environmental efforts. Executive Chef Groves is also part of a team working to introduce a government-approved National Sustainable Seafood Day in Canada. 
Catch & The Oyster Bar