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Alberta Tourism Brand Resource Book

There are definite opportunities and advantages to aligning your marketing communications and experience delivery with the Alberta's tourism brand and the Canada brand. This resource book will assist you in connecting to customers and illustrates the role that tourism branding plays in influencing consumers’ travel decisions.

At Travel Alberta we work to develop a strong tourism brand that communicates the unique selling proposition of authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes, and to attract travellers both at home and from key markets around the world through marketing. But inviting people isn’t enough. That’s why we turn over the brand to you, our dedicated partners – because we rely on you to complete the brand promise. You hold the key to delivering goosebumps to each and every visitor to our province. You will inspire travellers to recommend Alberta to their friends and family or to complete another booking in the future.

The purpose of this book is to help you understand the benefits of alignment between the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), Travel Alberta and you, our partners. You can take advantage of the work that’s already been done to understand what motivates today’s travellers and makes Canada and Alberta appealing to them. By aligning your marketing messaging with ours, you can put our efforts to work for your business.

Bringing a strong, unified Alberta brand to the global tourism marketplace is a powerful tool in growing tourism business for our province. The Alberta Tourism Brand has already proved itself to be a great success, and together we can effectively and consistently speak in one voice to reinforce the same message. Our message to our customers is more impactful when we all tell it in the same way. And then, when our customers are in Alberta, we can deliver on the promise of goosebumps.

Let’s move forward as TEAM ALBERTA and ensure our visitors’ expectations are always exceeded. Together, we can attract more visitors to Alberta, and make sure those visitors leave happier than ever before.

We hope this book is an invaluable resource for you as your business grows.

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