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New Online Training Helps Restaurants Impress Travellers from China

Today, Travel Alberta’s free Global Ready – China training program adds Restaurant Ready to its series of online courses developed to help tourism businesses benefit from the growing number of travellers from China.

There is a Chinese saying that translated means “people regard food as their heaven” which shows just how important eating is in Chinese culture. Restaurant Ready, Travel Alberta’s newest online course, delves into the culture and customs that influence Chinese travellers’ food and beverage preferences and helps restaurant owners and servers generate new revenue from this growing market. The course covers topics like the types of dishes Chinese travellers from different regions of the country prefer, their beverages of choice, dining etiquette and service expectations. Restaurant owners will discover how existing menu items can be featured to help Chinese guests make their dining decisions.

With tips, access to the Global Ready – China handbook and other valuable resources, this training is applicable for owners, managers and restaurant staff.

Register now for Global Ready – China: Restaurant Ready.

Cultural Awareness, Hotel Ready and Restaurant Ready are part of a series of courses offered free of charge by Travel Alberta to help Alberta-based tourism businesses benefit from Hainan Airlines’ new Beijing to Calgary flight. All courses are available on demand allowing tourism businesses the opportunity to learn when it’s most convenient for them.

Coming Up

Retail Ready – available August 29: The shopping habits of Chinese travellers and making your store “Chinese friendly.”

Global Ready – China training is developed for Travel Alberta by BRIC Marketing Group (BMG), a team of tourism marketers that are recognized leaders in cultural training and specialists in understanding the Chinese traveller.

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