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Alberta Stories 2012 - Submission deadline extended to April 10 - Everyone has an Alberta story, what's yours?

Increasing awareness and broadening understanding of Alberta experiences by sharing our stories with the world.

Last year we were all excited to launch the new Travel Alberta brand. To date the response to the breathtaking images of our province, whether they’re viewed in one of our advertisements or shared online, has been extremely positive.

We also knew that the next phase of our brand journey would involve building a platform for storytelling to offer broader explorations of Alberta experiences and continue to deepen the connection we have with our audiences. Alongside that goal, also want to enhance our multimedia asset library so we all have access to rich, emotive assets to tell our stories with.

And this is where the Alberta Stories initiative comes into play.

While our videos continue to intrigue and tease travellers to the possibilities our province offers, Alberta Stories will have a documentary feel and help bring to life the true character and characters found here. During spring/summer 2012, we will be sending a professional film crew around Alberta with the goal of creating Phase One of these emotive, fun, and inspiring Alberta Stories. Additional phases will include fall/winter and possibly spring/summer 2013.

These authentic accounts will showcase a great variety and diversity of Alberta experiences, and motivate sharing through traditional and social media channels.

Everyone has an Alberta Story, what’s yours?

We understand that locals know their regions best -and for that reason we know that our greatest resource for unique and fun Alberta Stories, will come from our partners across the province. As our eyes and ears, we want you to share with us amazing Alberta Stories.

Alberta Stories can be people who have a deep passion for something; it can be an event that establishes a sense of place, or even a special place that defines your region.

Story ideas that you submit could paint a vivid image of your region, show off a one-of-a-kind natural wonder or event, a thrilling tradition or even a fresh twist on a local delicacy. In short, it should be the type of unique story that a traveller might share or brag about discovering with their friends. And even though the focus of our first phase of filming is on spring/summer ideas, please don’t hesitate to let us know about any story regardless of the season.

How will Alberta Stories be selected?

As much as we’d love to tell every story that’s out there, we need to take a targeted approach. Ideas will be reviewed by a committee. As well, each submission will be measured on several criteria including:

  • Local and global appeal
  • Uniqueness/novelty
  • Story depth
  • New video/photo image asset creation
  • Potential for sharing/interest through multiple channels

Submission deadline is April 10.

And even if a story isn’t selected for Phase One, it will remain part of our listing, and will be considered for future projects. If your idea is selected, you’ll benefit from enhanced exposure, links to the videos and an introduction to online conversations that they generate, and a hard drive with video assets that you can use for promotional purposes.

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