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Tourism industry statistics from the Canadian Tourism Commission

Get the latest tourism industry statistics from the Canadian Tourism Commission to assist you with your marketing decisions.

How does Canada rank in the world tourism market? Which markets are showing tourism growth and opportunity? How does this affect your business—and your bottom line? Find out who is visiting Canada and how often, how they travel and how the tourism business in Canada is faring.

International visitor arrivals: Get the most current and comprehensive information on international visitor arrivals into Canada, including easy-to-understand market intelligence that you can immediately use in your day-to-day operations. Find out which travellers are coming to Canada, where they are visiting and how they are travelling. Also included is the latest research on overseas visitors (not including Americans) entering Canada who are staying one or more nights.

Tourism performance: From tourism deficits and GDP to demands - here you’ll find a wealth of information to help you keep a competitive edge in the Canadian tourism industry.

Year-in review stats & figures: A snapshot of the tourism industry that includes market highlights, travellers’ characteristics, trip purposes, activities, accommodations and more.

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The CTC is Canada's national tourism marketing organization. A federal Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada, we lead the Canadian tourism industry in marketing Canada as a premier four-season tourism destination. Our vision is to inspire the world to explore Canada. With our partners in the tourism industry and the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories, we promote Canada's extraordinary experiences in 11 countries around the world, conduct original market research, offer stunning visuals through the Brand Canada Library and provide resources and toolkits to help industry leverage Canada's successful tourism brand—"Canada. Keep Exploring."

Canadian Tourism Commission