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Boomtown Trail launches iPhone application

GeoRoamer Boomtown app lets Alberta travellers create a personalized audio tour of the Boomtown Trail

Alberta travellers can enjoy a personalized, GPS audio tour of the Boomtown Trail with the release of the new GeoRoamer Boomtown app. A scenic touring route between Edmonton and Calgary, the Boomtown Trail is made up of communities that sprang up nearly a century ago, spurred on by the expansion of the railways. The first of its kind in Alberta, the GeoRoamer Boomtown combines GPS, tour guides maps and brochures in one convenient application. 

The GoeRoamer Boomtown app guides you through the Boomtown Trail, sharing stories, taking you from one point to the next and audibly alerting you about upcoming attractions.


You can either plan your own tour or follow along one of the already created tours. This all-in-one app will tell you where you are, where you're going, what's near and how far to the next point. 

You can also store photos and videos collected along the way so you can upload them and share your experiences online with friends and family.


Available when and where you need the information most, the GeoRoamer Boomtown app offers a convenient, customizable experience of the Boomtown Trail the whole family will enjoy.

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