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Subsidies help tourism businesses post new visitor signs

It is now more affordable for tourist operators and communities to replace or install new tourist attraction highway signs.

The Alberta government is waiving the renewal fees for tourist attraction highway signs. These are the blue signs you see when driving on Alberta’s highways. Additionally, those who have paid their renewal fee since September 2009 will be sent a rebate.

The $400 fee subsidy for up to two tourist attraction highway signs per attraction or community will also continue. This permit fee subsidy has been in place since 2008 to assist facility operators by covering a portion of the initial cost of the signs.

The subsidy or renewal fee coverage does not apply to logo signs. Logo signs allow gas, food, lodging and other business to add their logo on a highway directional sign.

In 2004, the Tourism Highway Signage Program was introduced to make sure that signs are designed, fabricated, installed and maintained in the same fashion throughout the province. Waiving the renewal fees responds to industry’s request for an affordable and consistently applied program, which in turn helps visitors find their way to Alberta’s attractions.

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The Government of Alberta recently launched Alberta’s Tourism Framework that encourages collaboration between government and industry, and will strengthen and diversify our economy. The goal is to grow tourism in Alberta from a $7.8 billion to a $10.3 billion industry by 2020. Waiving the renewal fee aligns with a key objective of the framework—to make sure travellers can easily access Alberta’s attractions.

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