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It’s Time to Upload your Winter Offers to ATIS

Winter vacation planning season is here and we are urging partners to get their winter offers into the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) as soon as possible in order to take advantage of peak winter planning periods.

Offers help convert traveller interest in your product into sales. If you haven’t added your offers to ATIS you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to market your business at no cost. Tourism providers listed on ATIS appear on and in Travel Alberta’s marketing efforts, including television, radio, online advertising, social media and more.

Travel Alberta’s newly launched ATIS system also makes it easy to track the performance of your offers through real-time reporting.

What is an ATIS Offer?

An ATIS offer is defined as pricing information about an Alberta tourism product or packaged group of products that provide a service to the leisure traveller. The price of the product, or group of products, may be at regular retail price or a discounted price.

Value Adds or Discounts

Offers provide a good opportunity to present the value of your experience through packaging. Need to increase sales during a typically slow period? Create limited time offers or value adds to entice more visitors.

Packaging with other partners is a great way to increase your exposure to other areas within For example, if you are an attraction and you partner with an accommodation provider, your offer will appear in the attraction and accommodation sections of the website.

Want to take advantage of increased traffic due to a special event happening in your area? Consider a “value-add” or theme your offer to complement the event, which can be just as powerful as discounting. Look for interesting ways to fill need periods through value-adds that entice visitors to your business. Consider partnering with a local event in town and carry the theme of the event to your attraction.

Creating a Compelling Offer

  • Write a great description of your offer by ensuring it is concise and captures the unique aspects of your offer. Keep it brief but interesting and avoid listing every detail.
  • Ensure your website lists the details of your offer and link your ATIS offer directly to that page on your website. Be sure to make your offer easy for customers to find.
  • Include a photo that represents the travel deal and will look good as a thumbnail on a mobile device. For details on how to use photos effectively, read our recent article: Get Your ATIS Content Noticed with Great Images

For more information on adding your offer into ATIS, visit the ATIS section of the industry site:

If you have any questions about travel deals or ATIS, you are also welcome to contact us by email at for assistance.

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