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Views on Tourism in Canada

Nanos Survey Results and Analysis

Early this year, TIAC commissioned Nanos Research to facilitate our annual public opinion poll measuring Canadian's views on tourism and the industry's contribution to the economy. This year's questions focused on the perceived potential for tourism to be a driving force in the economy, and whether the government should invest more in Canadian tourism.

Results for 2017 show that Canadians put tourism at the center of the pack - neither a significant or insignificant impact on the Canadian economy. This is due in large part to a more positive public perception on the performance of our resource sectors (oil, gas etc.). However, Canadians do agree that marketing Canada as a tourism destination is an important priority.

The tourism industry accounted for $90 billion of the Canadian economy in 2015, and hundreds of thousands of jobs are dependant on our sector. TIAC will continue to work with government and stakeholders to ensure that the reputation of the tourism industry continues to grow within the Canadian public.

To see the full report on the survey results, please click here.

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