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International Ecomuseum Conference Committee Board Named

The Kalyna Country International Ecomuseum Conference is now under the leadership and guidance of a strong team, headed by Mr. Ed Stelmach, former premier of Alberta.

Joining Mr. Stelmach is Mr. Wayne Taylor, current Chair of Kalyna Country, along with Renee Vaugeois, Executive Director of the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (and organizer of the first ever UN Global Youth Assembly in Canada), and Mirande Alexandre, a consultant, event Planner and organizer of various federal government events. A group of dedicated volunteers from around the Kalyna region round out the team.

The four-day gathering in Edmonton, August 26-29, 2014, will feature two days of presentations on ecomuseum projects around the world, as well as two days devoted to field trips to acquaint foreign participants with the Kalyna region’s visitor attractions and amenities, historic sites, natural areas and unique multicultural heritage. Sessions will be open to anyone interested in learning more about the ecomuseum concept and strategies for using it to cost-effectively promote economic and community development along with responsible tourism.

The objectives of the conference are to raise awareness of the value and benefit of ecomuseums, in particular Alberta’s Kalyna Country, to encourage the development of ecomuseum concepts on local, national and global levels and to advance the growth of ecomuseums while creating economic opportunities within a regions leisure, hospitality and service sectors. Other goals include capitalizing on the gathering to facilitate greater networking and cooperation among counties, towns, and villages in the Kalyna region, while at the same time boosting public awareness of Kalyna Country’s many and diverse tourism assets.

Kalyna Country is designing a variety of activities and tours across Alberta for over 300 international delegates in conjunction witht he conference international organizing committees of Newcastle, UK and Sexial, Portugal. The Ecomuseum coach tours will encompass the region north and east of Edmonton as well as sites within the City of Edmonton.

The Kalyna Country International Ecomuseum conference will be ground breaking and will have a ripple effect on Alberta’s tourism and economic growth. For more information about the Ecomuseum conference, please contact Sheila Neil, Office Manager, Kalyna Country at (780) 632-4161 or e-mail at 

What is an Ecomuseum? It is a place where people live which is interpreted (or represented) in the manner of a museum. But instead of going to one building or site to see exhibits and artifacts, visitors are instead encouraged to travel around a designated territory to learn about the past, the geography, and the living cultures of the communities that are organized under the umbrella concept of ecomuseum. They may be as small as a few city blocks, or encompass entire regions, like Kalyna Country, which is the largest ecomuseum in Canada (20,000 sq km’s -roughly 3 times the size of Prince Edward Island!)  

Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is dedicated to the preservation of the unique history, natural beauty and culture of east-central Alberta for all those who experience it.

Kalyna Country Ecomuseum Trust Society