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3rd highest bid total of all time - GMC Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction

Confidence in Calgary’s economy has translated into the third highest bid total of all time for the GMC Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction. The annual auction took place Thursday evening in the Boyce Theatre on Stampede Park, with nearly 170 registered bidders looking to put their company logo on the side of the wagons belonging to the best 36 chuckwagon drivers in the world. A total of $2,840,000.00 was bid this year, up a considerable $874,000 from last year’s total of $1,966,000. In 2007, the record was set with $4,003,500.

“We had a simply phenomenal auction this year,” says John Third, chair of the Chuckwagon committee. “We can certainly see that the economy in Calgary and southern Alberta is strengthening and the proof of that is in the outstanding increase in money bid, much of it coming from new advertisers.”

Kelly Sutherland, 11-time champion of GMC Rangeland Derby champion, including last year, was first out of the gate with a bid total of $170,000 from a brand new company in the city, Ya Ya Four other drivers took in $100,000 in bid money including Chad Harden, teaming up with the Rug Shop, Troy Dorchester with Country Club of the Hamptons, Kurt Bensmiller, joining up with International Eco Fuel Saver and Kirk Sutherland, hooking up with Cam Clark Ford. The average bid this year was also up considerably to $78,889 from $54,611 last year.

The GMC Rangeland Derby is all part of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, which runs this year from July 8-17.
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