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Calling all partners - submit your summer packaging opportunities by April 10

Travel Alberta wants to showcase your business as part of the 2013 summer campaign. Last year’s campaign was a huge success driving nearly 750,000 referrals to partner packages and we could not have done that without partners like you!

If you haven’t added your packages and events into ATIS (Alberta Tourism Information Service) you’re missing out on a valuable tool that can help to market your business for free. When you upload your package information into ATIS, we not only use it to populate, but for campaign activities, newsletter content and social media sites.

Through ATIS you can also post your industry events, industry news releases and job postings to

Program benefits include:
• Exposure to the average of 275,000 consumers who visit Travel Alberta every month.
• Potential inclusion in other marketing activities.
• It’s FREE to participate.

Packaging Guidelines
• Travel deals that provide consumers with a combination of accommodation and one or more activities with a competitive value add or incentives.
• Single activities that provide a value-add to consumers.
• One-, two- or three-night stays tend to perform the best.

We’re recruiting packages now for our marketing activities starting in May. To be considered for these great opportunities, please submit your first round of packages by April 10, 2013.

Events can also be added into ATIS for the Events & Festivals section.

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