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Tourism industry to grow to $10.3 billion industry

A new plan is in place to grow Alberta’s tourism industry from a $7.8 billion to $10.3 billion industry by 2020.

The new Alberta Tourism Framework will maximize the potential of the tourism industry to:
•create jobs in all regions of the province;
•encourage investment to further diversify Alberta’s economy; and
•showcase Alberta to the world and potential residents.

“Alberta’s tourism industry is complex with many organizations involved. Having a common plan will help us to align our efforts, maximize resources, make a stronger impact in the marketplace, diversify our economy and build Alberta.”
-Dr. Richard Starke, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation

“The success of the Alberta Tourism Framework will be a team effort of Travel Alberta, government and industry partners. Travel Alberta is looking forward to working with all of our partners to realize the full potential of tourism in Alberta.”
-Quincy Smith, Chair, Travel Alberta Board of Directors

The tourism plan includes five key priorities to grow the industry:
•Innovation and development – creating and enhancing traveller-focused experiences around the province
•Accessibility – improving direct air access to Alberta
•Marketing – directing promotional efforts at high potential markets
•Alignment – enhancing collaboration between all industry partners
•Research – using sound research to drive decisions and measure results

The Tourism Framework was developed by the Alberta government and Travel Alberta following extensive discussion with people involved in the tourism industry.

“The Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association is encouraged by the opportunity to build a bigger and stronger industry through the Alberta Tourism Framework. On behalf of our 866 members who provide lodging and hospitality to tourists, we are excited to work collaboratively with industry and government to achieve the goals of the strategy.”
-Dave Kaiser, President and CEO, Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association

“Our dynamic industry now has a robust strategy to rally behind as we seek to enhance experiences in our breathtaking landscapes for visitors to our great province. This framework for growth shows Alberta means business and provides us much greater opportunity to share our story with the rest of the world.”
-Mac Makenny, Chair, Alberta Strategic Tourism Council

The Alberta Tourism Framework is available online.

Our government was elected to keep building Alberta, to live within its means and to fight to open new markets for Alberta’s resources. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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