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How To Get Your Winter Travel Deals the Attention they Deserve

Winter is just around the corner, and at Travel Alberta we are looking forward to receiving your winter travel deals as soon as possible.

If you have travel deals to offer, Travel Alberta has a deal for you: promote your business and your travel deals on our marketing channels to hundreds of thousands of travellers – free of charge.

It’s all done through the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS). ATIS is a free, self-service platform that allows Alberta tourism operators to promote their businesses, festivals, events and travel deals to travellers through online and offline marketing channels, including ATIS is also the gateway to sharing your industry news, events and job postings with Alberta's tourism industry operators through Travel Alberta’s industry website.

What is a Travel Deal?

Travel deals are featured offers that focus on compelling experiences that provide travellers with a strong value. Enter your travel deals under the My Travel Deals section in ATIS. Consumer events and festivals, however, should be posted under the My Consumer Events section.

Here’s a quick guide to getting your travel deals the attention they deserve.

What’s the First Step?

Visit our ATIS page to get started. Setting up an account is easy and will only take a few minutes. If you already have an ATIS account, simply sign in.

Next, Create your Travel Deal

Fill in the fields on the Create/Edit Travel Deal page. Make it easy for customers to find more information about your travel deal by entering the URL to the landing page that outlines the deal on your website. This may be a different URL than the default that appears in the Website Link box, so go ahead and replace it with the direct landing page URL.

Keep Your Deals Seasonal

To ensure your deals stay fresh and relevant, set the Expiry Date to no more than six months after the Post Date. This also adds a sense of urgency for your customers to take advantage of the deal.

Emphasize the Value of your Deal

Show your customers the value of the deal you are offering by entering the total regular price in the Retail Price box. The number you enter into the Sale Price box is simply the deal price the customer will be paying. Here’s an example of the retail versus sale price of a travel deal:

Calculate your regular retail price:

Hotel room for one night



Breakfast for two



Welcome gift basket



Total retail price


(This number goes into the Retail Price box)

Your package sale price:


(This number goes into the Sale Price box)

Be sure to add any applicable information or restrictions in the Price Details box, such as Based on double occupancy, Subject to availability.

Tell the Story with an Authentic Photo

Pick an image that represents the travel deal and meets our image requirements. You can find a full description by clicking on the Image Requirements link.

The photo must be colour, shot in Alberta and depict a natural or urban breathtaking landscape. It has to feel authentic and not overly posed, and people in the pictures must be wearing up to date clothing. The best photos have a sense of energy and vitality. Size is important too: 262 x 177 pixels, file size 300 kb or less. Both jpeg and gif files are accepted.

In your Own Words

Use this box to describe the travel deal experience to consumers in 50 words or less. You have full control on how to describe your travel deal; we will check it over for typos and grammatical errors.

Tourism Product Categories

Select only the category/categories that specifically describe the travel deal. So for the deal pricing example we used earlier, the only category that should be selected is Hotels. A common mistake that operators make when posting their travel deals is selecting multiple categories, such as other tourism opportunities in the area that are not included in the deal. This makes searching for deals frustrating for travellers and could be misleading. However, if the deal is a combination package – for instance, accommodation and golfing – it’s entirely appropriate to select Hotels and Golfing.


We provide answers to common ATIS questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any questions about Travel Deals or ATIS, you are also welcome to contact us at for assistance.

For additional tips on creating travel deals, contact Hafeez Jessa at

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