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Travel Alberta launches U.S. Summer Campaign 2014

Travel Alberta’s 2014 Summer Campaign in the United States is poised to encourage travellers to visit Alberta this summer through bold marketing initiatives in our primary markets of California and Texas. 

Setting Alberta apart from other destinations in these markets is the breadth of authentic summer experiences that travellers can have in Alberta’s breathtaking landscapes. Ultimately, all calls to action in this campaign point to the U.S. campaign site on to purchase summer vacation offers.   

This campaign targets the traveller segments of ‘Free Spirits’ and ‘Cultural Explorers’, set out as part of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Explorer Quotient (EQ) model. It’s these types of travellers that are most attracted to our province’s authentic experiences.

In California, the campaign will focus on Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County and will expand to the Bay Area and San Francisco. In Texas, the focus is on the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas.

This summer’s marketing campaign reflects the need to change perceptions about Alberta,  to inform travellers about the unique experiences available in Alberta, and to create a sense of urgency to visit today.

Travel Alberta campaign activities include:

  • commercial placement on primetime and cable television for eight weeks, and on Air Canada inflight televisions in July and August
  • wall displays, video walls and digital billboards in the San Francisco airport
  • social media, including Facebook
  • online display banners and pre-roll commercials
  • user-generated content banner on TripAdvisor
  • branded content integration on Buzzfeed
  • search engine marketing

The United States is Alberta’s largest international market. Approximately 775,000 Americans visited Alberta in 2011, spending $560 million dollars (latest data available from Statistics Canada).

More than 43,000 referrals are expected to be generated for our Alberta tourism partners through this campaign.

For more information on Travel Alberta’s initiatives in the U.S. market, please visit

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