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Travel Alberta Launches Global Ready – China Training

Chinese travellers are young and digitally connected. Research shows they create and curate lots of content – which means they can be raving fans that readily share their remarkable experiences or become disenchanted with the experience and share their dissatisfaction.

Travel Alberta wants to help you create raving fans. Join us for Global Ready – China, a training session that will ensure you have the resources, knowledge, understanding and capacity to take full advantage of the new direct flight from Beijing to Calgary and the growth in visitors to Alberta from China.

Global Ready – China training begins with a live presentation where business leaders and customer service staff will learn about the motivations and expectations of Chinese travellers. You’ll hear how you can adapt your products to meet these needs, and the importance of providing services in Chinese.

Phase one: Join us May 31 to June 3 at one of four locations for a Global Ready – China presentation by BMG, a tourism leader in Chinese cultural awareness training.

Phase two: In June, Travel Alberta launches a series of online, on-demand training sessions aimed at furthering cultural awareness and addressing topics specific to hotels, restaurants and retailers.  

  • Cultural differences (perfect for all front line and customer service staff)
  • Hotels – Understanding Chinese traveller habits, characteristics and how to prepare your hotel
  • Retail – The shopping habits of Chinese travellers and making your store “Chinese friendly”
  • Restaurants – Understanding Chinese food culture, Chinese dining and etiquette  

Find dates, locations and registration information on Travel Alberta's Industry Website.

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