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Japan Update

Travel Alberta continues to work with the CTC, other provincial marketing organizations and our Japanese partners to assess the impact on the March 10 earthquake and tsunami crisis on future outbound travel to Canada and Alberta.

Air Canada has chosen to reduce the frequency of their Narita-Calgary flight to three flights a week from five weekly. These flights were the incremental added capacity and therefore there is no net change in seat capacity to Alberta year over year. For the “Golden Week” period (end of April to beginning of May), Air Canada will still operate five weekly flights.

Delta Air Lines, which operates feeder flights into Alberta via U.S. gateways, has decided to cut capacity on routes to Japan by a maximum of 20 per cent, and it is possible that more carriers will follow suit.

Meanwhile, recovery in Japan is underway. A magnitude Mw7.1 earthquake occurred off the east coast of Honshu, on Apr. 7 Similar aftershocks are expected to continue for up to six months. Over time, they will decrease in frequency, but not necessarily in magnitude.

Radiation levels in Tokyo are within guidelines and are being closely monitored. Power shortages are expected to continue for up to 12 months.

There will be no official period of mourning, however it is expected that there will be a 45 day moratorium on the holding of big events and celebrations.
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