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Recruitment process open for members of Alberta Strategic Tourism Council

The Honourable Richard Starke, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, is seeking applications from individuals interested in serving on the Alberta Strategic Tourism Council (ASTC).

Formally known as the Strategic Tourism Marketing Council, the ASTC is the Minister’s key advisory stakeholder group that is guided by Alberta’s Tourism Framework and is responsible for providing strategic tourism advice to the Minister and Travel Alberta.

The Council works in partnership with industry bodies and government agencies to provide a strong voice for the tourism industry to support marketing and product development, investment, workforce skills and training to support tourism jobs and businesses.

Representation is being sought to ensure a cross-section of critical skills, regional and sectoral representation including: transportation, food and beverage, accommodations, recreation and sport, cultural, nature-based and agricultural tourism.

This is an exciting opportunity to provide guidance to facilitate the growth of Alberta’s tourism industry to be a $10.3 billion industry by 2020.

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Competition closing date is November 19, 2013

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation