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Alto Award nomination deadline is September 6

The Alberta Tourism (Alto) Awards are designed to celebrate success in our industry. Whether you are a big or small organization, there is an award for you. 

These awards recognize individuals and organizations committed to enriching Alberta’s tourism industry and who by their actions inspire others and demonstrate what can be achieved by working together. Deadline for applications is September 6.

The Alto Awards will be presented in nine categories, and to the 2013 Alto Ambassador, at the Alto Awards Banquet in Banff on October 28, 2013. They are presented in conjunction with the 2013 Travel Alberta Industry Conference, October 27-29, 2013 at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and Conference Centre.

Organizations are encouraged to submit their own nominations.  You may also want to submit in multiple categories. More information and application forms are available here

Alto Award categories:

Alberta Pride – this award is meant for organizations to showcase the unique product or service they offer to visitors. This might be a uniquely Alberta experience, or it could be a property that showcases the best of Alberta’s products and people. Whether you are a big or small organization, the Alberta Pride award showcases the best we have to offer in our province.

Marketing Excellence (3 awards) – these awards are divided into three categories based on the budget of the program: Up to $10,000, $10,000 - $50,000 and Over $50,000. So if you are a small organization you don’t need to worry about competing with someone who spent more than 10x your budget! The Marketing Excellence awards every year highlight the best marketing campaigns, whether they are print, social media, video, or any combination. 

Marketing Partnership – we know we achieve great things when we work together. The Marketing Partnership Award celebrates marketing successes from two or more organizations working together.

Service Excellence – we often don’t celebrate those great customer comments that get left after a guest leaves, or those rave reviews that are on facebook or tripadvisor. This is your chance to showcase how your organization’s culture of providing great customer service makes you shine! New this year - organizations who have won this more than 5 years ago can now re-apply!

Sustainable Tourism – this award recognizes organizations and businesses that meet the needs of visitors and their local communities. This may be protecting and enhancing the environment, showcasing the cultural aspects of the local community, or contributing to the local community on an ongoing basis. Showcase how you make a difference in your community by applying for this award.

Tourism Community of the Year – this award was created to acknowledge a collective and successful effort on the part of a community to work together to promote or support tourism. It is meant to recognize the hard work that communities put into developing and sharing unique and interesting programs, events, and activities as a way to revitalize visitor interest. It could mean the bird watching boardwalk you built, the new fair or festival that’s been embraced by the public, or even the beautification of your downtown. It may be changes that you’ve made to existing facilities, services, fairs, festivals or races that had a big impact on tourism this year. 

Tourism Media – this award celebrates the stories that inspire travel to Alberta. Travel writing has a huge impact on our industry and we want to showcase the stories that reminded us of the amazing experiences Alberta has to offer.

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