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American Bus Association announces North America’s Top 100 Events

Five Alberta events have been designated part of North America’s 100 Best Events for 2014 by the American Bus Association (ABA).

Calgary Stampede - Calgary, July 4-13, 2014
Canadian Badlands Passion Play's 20th Anniversary - Drumheller, July 10-19, 2014
Global Fest - Calgary, August 15-24, 2014
Heritage Park Historical Village’s 50th Anniversary - Calgary, January 1-December 31, 2014
Snow Days - Banff, January 11-February 9, 2014

Inclusion in the Top 100 list, published as a supplement to the September/October issue of Destinations magazine, indicates that these events offer excellent entertainment value to both tour groups and individual travellers from around the world, according to ABA.

With the release of the American Bus Association's 2014 Top 100 Events in North America, ABA celebrates 32 years of the program. What began as a way for motorcoach operators to incorporate new product into their itineraries has grown to one of the most sought-after lists by travel professionals, motorcoach operators and the general public.

"The real news here is that these events have been recognized as potential magnets for tourism dollars, at a time when reenergizing domestic tourism is so important to our spirit and our economy.” said Peter J. Pantuso, CTIS, ABA's president and CEO. “The honor gives these events an important boost in visibility among professional tour planners."

According to studies completed by researchers at The George Washington University and Dunham and Associates, one overnight visit by a motorcoach group can leave from US $5,000 to more than US $11,000 in a local destination's economy. Those dollars are spent on lodging, meals, admissions, fees, shopping, souvenirs, services and local taxes.

"Motorcoach groups spend more and stay longer,” Pantuso said. “That's why these events are truly local economic assets. There is no better way to jump-start tourism than to attract motorcoach groups to a great event and convince them to extend their stay."

ABA's 2014 Top 100 Events Selection Committee selected events from hundreds of event nominations submitted by ABA members. Judges consider the event's broad appeal, its accessibility to motorcoaches and skill at handling large groups, and a variety of other relevant criteria.

The Top 100 Events list is available online.

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