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Making the Most of your ATIS Account

Hopefully by now you have had the opportunity to set up your Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) account and have added your tourism listing(s) to this free marketing platform. If not, you are missing out on the opportunity to effectively market to millions of qualified travellers annually who use to plan their Alberta vacations. In addition to housing your content on, and via Travel Alberta’s online marketing channels, content entered into ATIS will be distributed to a growing number of third-party distribution channels. For more information on the benefits of ATIS and how to get started, visit

For those who have set up an account and are adding content, we have developed some tips and guidelines to help you take advantage of your ATIS listing portfolio and ensure you have the optimum exposure for your tourism experiences, events and offers.

Many of our tourism operators have begun to take advantage of adding business listings, which are essentially listings for the service or experience that you provide, but did you also know that you can add events, offers and articles which help to increase the number of times that a visitor is exposed to your business or listing on

Here is an overview of the content types you can enter in ATIS, with some tips and tricks on how to create the best content possible:

Listings: Listings are the tourism product or products that your business sells. You may have only one listing, or multiple listings, depending on what your business offers. For example, a guest ranch that offers accommodation and a horseback riding tour that can be booked separately would create two listings – one under the Accommodations category and one under the Guided Tour category.

Events: Events are defined as tourism related events that take place during a defined period of time. Events are different from listings because they are special events that do not occur frequently throughout the year or exceed a four month period. If you offer frequently occurring events such as a ghost tour that takes place throughout the year, it’s best to create this as a listing or an offer instead of an event. Just be sure to communicate your operating dates in the description field.

Offers: Once a visitor learns about your product or experience through a business listing or article, offers can help to motivate travellers make the final step toward actually booking your experience. An ATIS offer can simply be your single admission rate, or a packaged group of products that provide a service to leisure travellers. If you package with additional partners, you reap the additional benefits of increasing your exposure to more areas within The price of the product, or group of products, may be at regular retail price or a discounted price.

Articles: Articles help to increase your online exposure. Telling interesting stories in an authentic way can help to create excitement around your experience and provide visitors with an emotional connection to your experience.

Images: People are more attracted to website content when it includes attractive, good quality images. Be sure to include images when you submit listings, events, offers and articles through ATIS.

For more detailed information on ATIS content best practices and how to enter your content into ATIS, visit the following resource pages on Travel Alberta’s industry website:

General information:

General Guidelines and Best Practices:

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