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Promote your Alberta tourism experience in Avenue Magazine - May 2013

Include your tourism experience as part of a list of must-do Alberta experiences in Avenue Magazine. Full color, double page spreads will showcase these experiences to 300,000 potential visitors in Calgary and Edmonton.

Booking deadline for the May 2013 Calgary and Edmonton issues is February 1.
Price: $450 per ad space, per run date. $800 for both publications in the same month.

Avenue Magazine is filled with reviews and trendy guides and is where the young and young-at-heart readers go to find the latest top picks.

Reader Profile:
• Circulation: 300,000
• Male-Female Split: 30/70
• Median Age: over 80% in 25-59 range
• Average HHI: $109,000
• Will recommend a featured product or service: 31%
• Intend to travel for leisure in the next 12 months: 94%

Avenue Magazine buy-ins are available for May, June and November 2013 issues in both the Calgary and Edmonton editions.

This opportunity is part of a series of marketing opportunities developed by Travel Alberta for the Canadian market in 2013-2014 to magnify your marketing efforts. Travel Alberta values its industry partnerships and is always striving to help leverage your marketing dollars. We’ve all seen the benefits of working together on marketing initiatives.

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For questions, please contact:
Victoria Delorme, Specialist, Industry Programs, Travel Alberta  
Phone: 780-784-0069

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