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Refreshing the Alberta Travel Planner

Travel Alberta is in the process of updating the Official Alberta Travel Planner and is looking for your feedback.

The Official Alberta Travel Planner is an award-winning publication, featuring travel planning information along with compelling brand images and inspiring content that motivate youthfully spirited adventurers to discover and explore Alberta.

The current version of the Travel Planner has been in circulation for approximately 18 months and was well received by our customers.

We plan to refresh the planner by March 2014 in order to reflect the province’s evolving tourism experiences and to continue to provide travellers with compelling invitations to visit Alberta.

The Travel Planner is the signature piece in Travel Alberta’s suite of customer-facing marketing tools that help us to promote our destination in North America and around the world. These tools also include our annual summer and winter magazines and our regional and global websites.

Working with Team Alberta

The development of the current Travel Planner was a collaborative effort with our tourism partners from across the province. This collaborative approach is anchored in Travel Alberta’s overall business strategy and we will continue to reach out to our partners as we develop the refreshed Travel Planner.  

Over the next few months we will be establishing Industry working groups, who will be invited to share their perspectives and feedback in order to inform the presentation of information within the new publication.

Delighting our Customers

The Youthfully Spirited Adventurer audience is central to our marketing strategy and their needs will also be at the heart of the decisions we make as we develop the refreshed Travel Planner.

As you interact with our customers on a daily basis, we would like to ask you to share their comments as well as your thoughts on how we can make the next iteration of the Travel Planner even more relevant and useful to them.

Please use this submission form to send your feedback to by September 13, 2013. Your suggestions will be considered in our decision making process. 

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