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2015 Travel & Tourism Election Toolkit

Let’s Win the Vote for Tourism!

As TIAC members and tourism professionals across the country, you are key players in making travel & tourism a priority in the fall 2015 federal election.

To guide members in making tourism count, TIAC has created an online support tool; the Travel and Tourism Election Toolkit.

The toolkit contains the following four subjects: 

The Issues: identifying the major roadblocks in Canada's tourism landscape in

  • Marketing
  • Access
  • Product

Engage with Political Party Candidates

  • Find your candidates through Elections Canada
  • Get the facts on the impact of tourism in Canada
  • Find out how many tourism jobs are in your riding
  • See what the parties have to say about tourism
  • A list of questions to ask candidates about the industry

What do the Political Parties Have to Say About Travel & Tourism

  • Marketing
  • Air Access
  • Visitor Documentation
  • Product
  • People

Regional Travel & Tourism Perspectives from across the country.

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