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Client Satisfaction Survey Reveals Strong Use of Services

Despite challenging economic times for the province, there is high satisfaction with Travel Alberta among its clients, and strong use of its programs and services.

Those are among the findings of the 2015 Awareness and Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Banister Research and Consulting.

Nearly all Travel Alberta services recorded a satisfaction rating of 70 per cent or higher. The greatest year-over-year improvement was in communications with 90 per cent of respondents in 2015 saying they were satisfied with services such as corporate publications, e-newsletters and Travel Alberta’s industry website, compared to 83 per cent in 2014.

“The results are very encouraging,” said Shelley Grollmuss, Travel Alberta’s vice president of industry development. “Our industry is confirming the value of the programs and services our organization provides. This re-enforces the business strategy we have built since becoming a Crown corporation in 2009.”

When asked about their overall satisfaction with Travel Alberta, more than three-quarters of respondents (76 per cent) reported being satisfied, compared to 81 per cent in 2014. 

“This slight drop in satisfaction is definitely in line with what we are seeing in other sectors at this time,” explained Tracy With, Banister vice president.

About the Survey

This was the eighth year Banister conducted a client satisfaction assessment for Travel Alberta, which consisted of an online survey available from Nov. 24 to Dec. 15, 2015 with some follow-up phone calls. A total of 393 clients responded.

Clients invited to participate included those with registered accounts on the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS); those who applied for and received cooperative marketing funding in the current fiscal year; the delegate list from Travel Alberta’s 2015 Industry Conference; and clients who have worked with the MICE team over the past fiscal year.

The response rate was slightly lower than in 2014 when 426 clients participated.

“This is likely a result of a number of other tourism surveys and tools in the market at the same time, so there would be a bit of fatigue,” says With. “Overall though, Travel Alberta has a higher response rate than many of our other clients.”

Most Valued Services

The 2015 survey found that Travel Alberta’s most valued services were:

  • Marketing/business exposure, such as marketing campaigns and media relations
  • Access to funding, such as the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program
  • Access to industry information, such as newsletters, ATIS, website, etc.
  • Access to workshops/educational opportunities, such as those offered by Travel Alberta’s Tourism Training Academy, the Experience Development Program and the annual industry conference

“This shows that we are clearly investing in programs that make a difference to our partners,” said Grollmuss.

Opportunities Going Forward

Clients surveyed also identified what they saw as Travel Alberta’s greatest opportunities going forward. They include increased promotion of rural Alberta experiences; greater awareness of available support services; and increased emphasis on the benefits of programs offered by Travel Alberta.

“The enhancement of ATIS and our new digital channels will provide industry partners in all areas of Alberta with a powerful marketing tool,” responded Grollmuss.

ATIS 2.0, launched in April 2016, is a free online marketing platform that helps all tourism operators, including those in rural markets, extend their reach to travellers in today’s new digital landscape.

Aimed at non-technical business users, ATIS 2.0 makes it very easy to build and manage an online presence to provide greater reach than ever before ─ a significant competitive advantage.

“We are pleased our programs and services are relevant and useful for our industry to help grow tourism revenues,” said Grollmuss. “We will continue to help increase the marketing capacity and capabilities of our industry partners by investing in strategic programs and services.”

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