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Four Free Courses To Help You Attract Chinese Travellers

Chinese tourism is growing fast in Alberta, and our free online training programs can help you prepare.

Working with BMG, a tourism industry leader in cultural awareness education, Travel Alberta is offering four free online training to help Alberta managers, customer service and frontline staff gain the knowledge, understanding and capacity to take full advantage of the growth in visitors to Alberta from China:

  • Cultural Awareness: In this course, you’ll learn how to service this market by understanding the motivations, travel habits and preferences of the Chinese traveller. We’ll share ways to assess your current products and services against what’s expected, and how you can integrate this new knowledge into your business. Register now!
  • Hotel Ready: In this session, you’ll learn about amenities, décor, signage and dispute resolution, along with key tips to help your Chinese guests feel more comfortable and welcome during their stay. Register now!
  • Restaurant Ready: Culture and customs strongly influence Chinese travellers’ food and beverage preferences and in this session you’ll learn about the types of foods they enjoy, their beverages of choice, and how you can help make their dining experience remarkable.  Register now!
  • Retail Ready: Chinese travellers love to shop and in this session, you’ll learn what types of products they’re looking for, how their belief system influences their purchases, and what payment sources Chinese travellers prefer to use. Register Now!

You can find more resources available on the Global Ready – China industry site webpage.

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