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Don’t Forget Digital: Alberta’s Visitors are Already There

Starting in April, Travel Alberta is featuring a series of successful digital marketing campaigns rolled out by Alberta operators in partnership with the Travel Alberta Cooperative Marketing Investment Program. These examples highlight businesses working with Travel Alberta that successfully adapted their marketing efforts to the digital space in order to stay relevant and make the most of their marketing dollar.

Why digital? It’s a way of sharing your unique offering alongside (or instead of) traditional channels. Using websites, social media, e-marketing and mobile apps encourages potential consumers to learn, engage, participate, and hopefully share their experience with their network as they research their visit online. Creative and smart digital marketing campaigns have the potential to reach a broad audience you might otherwise never reach without the required budgets and planning necessary for print, TV and radio advertising.

The Cooperative Marketing Investment Program assists tourism operators in Alberta to enhance their marketing activities in all mediums, leverage strategic partnerships to grow their businesses and drive a return on investment. No matter what medium you choose to showcase your experience, the Cooperative Marketing team is equipped to help you make the most of your efforts.

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