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Travel Alberta & The Fairmont Banff Springs Build for the Future

A strategic collaboration between Travel Alberta and The Fairmont Banff Springs will benefit a Mount Royal University Public Relations (MRU) student with a four month (January – April) internship position with the first month dedicated to The Fairmont Banff Springs Sports Invitational event scheduled for January 12 – 15, 2012.

“Travel Alberta has always been a critical partner, but what was different this year is that we sat down and looked beyond dollars and tried to identify additional areas of synergy that we could capitalize on,” says Francisco Gomez, Regional Vice President and General Manager of The Fairmont Banff Springs. “What we know is that the Sport Invitational event has enormous media and public relations focus and potential but from a budget and accommodation perspective hiring a short term position would have been challenging so this is an amazing solution.”

The Public Relations lead for both The Fairmont Banff Springs and Travel Alberta thought there may be interest in a joint posting that was based in Calgary, but supported the 2012 Sports Invitational for the month of January, offering the successful candidate an unprecedented opportunity to focus on events, social media and media relations. Charlotte Stalgitis—the successful candidate—is in her fourth year at Mount Royal University and brings extensive volunteer experience in Public Relations to the position.

Budget for the joint cooperative student posting was addressed through a unique combination of an honorarium supplied by Travel Alberta, supplemented with a Fairmont Highway Through Heaven Mountain vacation package.

The partnership model developed through this process is, according to Bruce Okabe, CEO of Travel Alberta, “The way we want to move forward with partners. It makes sense. It increases both our teams’ capacity, provides top level experience to a student and keeps us abreast of public relations and media trends. We value programs that result from joint discussions, that are integrated, strategic, and involve more than just dollars”.

Mr. Gomez agrees saying “To succeed in this competitive global tourism environment we need to think smarter, faster and more creatively. We are fortunate that Travel Alberta is open to this concept and is an enthusiastic partner”.
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