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Tourism Strategy Committee Update

Work has begun on a comprehensive tourism management plan for Lethbridge.  

Councillor Bridget Mearns, who chairs the Tourism Strategy Committee, briefed City Council today on how a Destination Management Plan will benefit the city and outlined stakeholder engagement efforts planned over the next four months. The Committee consists of three City Council members as well as representatives from Chinook Country Tourist Association, Economic Development Lethbridge, the Lethbridge Lodging Association, the Lethbridge Sport Council and two citizens at large.  

"This initiative is all about creating a framework for ongoing collaboration among all sectors of the local tourism industry," said Councillor Mearns. "We know that tourism plays an important role in the economic diversity of our city, but we also recognize it could play a larger role. While providing visitors with memorable experiences, tourism helps strengthen local communities and educate visitors about our city and builds community pride."

Destination Management Planning is a comprehensive, collaborative process in which the local tourism industry, government and community leaders plan ahead for and manage a tourism destination. It is a process that identifies a destination's target markets and competitive advantages, considers how its unique tourism resources will be managed, how the capacity of the destination will be enhanced, how effects on the destination will be understood and dealt with, and how the destination will attract those in its target markets. 

Input is being gathered over the next four months, and a draft Destination Management Plan is anticipated in early 2016. Input from all local tourism stakeholders is key in ensuring a comprehensive, collaborative planning process for tourism, industry, government and community leaders. Stakeholders have an opportunity to share their ideas about Lethbridge by visiting and participating in an online discussion at: 

Media Contacts:

Bridget Mearns, City Councillor
Chair, City Council Tourism Strategy Committee

Lorna Kurio, Project Manager
Economic Development & Tourism Liaison, City of Lethbridge



A Destination Management Plan will establish:

  • A shared vision of Lethbridge's tourism future
  • Clear goals
  • Priority target markets
  • Gaps in the tourism experience and product offering
  • Tangible priority actions that will seize our community's tourism potential
  • Leadership and governance recommendations
  • Integrated marketing and branding recommendations
  • Performance metrics  

MindMixer is an easy-to-use online interface that allows stakeholders to generate ideas, help others evolve their ideas, and ultimately vote on and prioritize the best ideas from anywhere. Stakeholders are engaged through a variety of ways, including polls, online surveys, discussion boards, sharing photos and videos, and participating in active dialogues.

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