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Inbound Tourism Update

A new monthly piece in the TIAC talks will give updates on international visitation numbers to Canada. These numbers correlate with industry performance.

This month, December 2015 numbers were released, and we are pleased to see that overall we have seen a +7.5% increase in visitors to Canada! We are also pleased to see an increase of 8.3% in U.S. visitors in 2015. Also interesting, visitation from Brazil ended the year at an impressive +12.2% boost YTD; some of this is certainly due to the boost from the Pan Am games, but several positive months should allow us to remain optimistic about opportunities in this market. Mexico also ended the year strong, with +30% visitations over December 2014, and +13.7% growth YTD. This is over double the growth of 2013 for the Mexican market, and we can look forward to continued market growth with the promised visa lift this year.

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