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Travel Alberta reaches 100,000 Instagram followers

Travel Alberta is the most followed province on Instagram having reached a milestone of 100,000 followers on November 14, 2014. Through Instagram, Travel Alberta reaches followers worldwide to inspire and invite potential travellers to experience Alberta. 

“Our community on Instagram has seen incredible growth,” said Nancy Smith, Social Media Manager at Travel Alberta. “A year ago we were at 10,000 followers. Now we average about 1,000 new followers a day.”

A highly engaged following on the social platform shares photos with Travel Alberta using the #explorealberta hashtag. Images are shared and featured by Travel Alberta turning local photographers and travellers into brand advocates and ambassadors for Alberta.  

Central to Travel Alberta’s digital strategy is our ability to strengthen social networking and harness word-of-mouth referrals and traveller advocacy. Social media presents a distinct opportunity to drive awareness of Alberta as a tourism destination. We can identify Alberta travellers, foster them as brand advocates, and encourage them to share their Alberta vacation experiences with a wider audience.

The Travel Alberta social media team also leads in facilitating conversations about Alberta and provides information to our followers on Alberta experiences. 

Using social media platforms like Instagram is part of Travel Alberta's strategy to increase tourism revenues for the province.

To get involved with Travel Alberta's social media activities, follow us on any of these platforms:
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