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Travel Alberta launches experience development program

Goosebump moments give Alberta the edge. In February 2015, Travel Alberta will pilot a new experience development program in Jasper designed to help tourism businesses and communities create engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. 

Dubbed SHIFT: Transforming products to experiences, this three-and-a-half day program is an immersive, hands-on learning opportunity that defines experiential travel and shows businesses how to craft their own experiences to create raving fans and generate more business. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Jasper to pilot the first SHIFT course, set for February 10-13, because of the community’s proven commitment to experiential travel training,” explains Shelley Grollmuss Travel Alberta’s Vice President of Industry Development. 

In October 2013, a delegation from Jasper attended a similar training program in Newfoundland called Edge of the Wedge. Travel Alberta is working with Tourism Café and Earth Rhythms, developers of the Edge of the Wedge program, to create a similar program tailored to Alberta’s tourism industry. 

“This is the first of several courses we’ll lead over the next couple of years with each course in a new community as we work toward building new goosebump moments across the province,” said Grollmuss. 

To encourage the development of new experiential product, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation will reimburse registration fees upon demonstration of new product being launched.

This new program aligns with Alberta’s Tourism Framework, which encourages collaboration, partnerships and the development of new and enhanced experiences that will draw more visitors to the province.

Watch for more details on SHIFT to be announced soon. 

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