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Canadian Tourism Commission releases 2012 Annual Report

The global tourism industry generated some jaw-dropping statistics last year. It now accounts for one in every 12 jobs around the world. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 2012 saw international tourism reach one billion visitors for the first time with tourists spending $3 billion a day on their travels, or $2 million a minute. Tourism has truly become a lucrative global powerhouse. 

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s 2012 Annual Report: Delivering Value for Canada’s Tourism Businesses through Innovation and Efficiency examines a fiercely competitive 12 months for the CTC. The marketplace was saturated with exotic destinations and set against a backdrop of global economic volatility, particularly in the Eurozone. The report demonstrates how CTC helps tourism businesses of all sizes across the country through its leadership, marketing excellence and economic growth.

The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), has just tabled the report in Parliament.

The 2012 Annual Report highlights key results directly attributable to CTC’s 2012 marketing activities, including:
• $687 million in tourism export revenue for Canada’s economy
• $212 million toward government revenue
• 5,073 jobs created or protected by Canadian tourism businesses

“In a global context, the G20 world leaders recognized for the first time the importance of travel and tourism as a driver of economic recovery, growth and jobs,” says Steve Allan, CTC chair. “Marketing budgets are being strengthened around the globe, while governments adjust air, visa and border access policies to maximize competitiveness. And Canada can compete. We have a great brand and a stellar reputation.”

The annual report also reflects on some of CTC’s highlights over the past 12 months. The 35 Million Directors project, which asked Canadians to submit their favourite travel experiences and destinations via video or image, stole the show. The final video has amassed 2.5 million views worldwide on YouTube already, and shows no sign of slowing. Last year marked the centenary of the Calgary Stampede; CTC showcased the Stampede internationally through targeted campaigns to boost awareness and visitor numbers, leading to 8,000-plus consumers booking trips to Canada. CTC’s Signature Experiences Collection® went from strength to strength, gaining new members and international recognition in our key markets.

“Pride of place at 2012’s innovation table must go to our 35 Million Directors project. It delivered a stunning visual story that delighted and inspired people around the world to come visit Canada,” says Michele McKenzie, CTC president and CEO. “The project also stirred a great sense of national pride in Canadians to help promote our country and to support our national tourism industry in communities across Canada.”

The Annual Report is CTC’s mechanism for reporting back to Parliament on its activities during its fiscal year.

The CTC is Canada's national tourism marketing organization. A federal Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada, we lead the Canadian tourism industry in marketing Canada as a premier four-season tourism destination. Our vision is to inspire the world to explore Canada. With our partners in the tourism industry and the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories, we promote Canada's extraordinary experiences in 11 countries around the world, conduct original market research, offer stunning visuals through the Brand Canada Library and provide resources and toolkits to help industry leverage Canada's successful tourism brand—"Canada. Keep Exploring."

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