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Budget 2014 builds Alberta’s economy through tourism

The Alberta government will grow the province’s tourism industry by providing an attractive investment climate, working with partners to enhance offerings to travellers and by promoting Alberta as a must-experience destination.

Alberta’s tourism levy will be reinvested to help Alberta maintain and grow revenues generated through tourism in the face of fierce global competition.

“Through Budget 2014, the Alberta government will work with our partners to grow our $7.8 billion tourism industry and maximize the potential of tourism to create jobs and strengthen communities in all regions of the province," says Dr. Richard Starke, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation. "Our work will be guided by the Alberta Tourism Framework, which aligns the work of the many players in our tourism industry by trading competition for collaboration.”

An estimated 50 organizations will receive tourism grants through Budget 2014 to help grow tourism in communities throughout the province. 

"The grant from Tourism, Parks and Recreation allowed us to create something new with the Canmore Nordic Festival and brought the Alberta Cross Country World Cup to a whole new level," says Andrew Nickerson, President & CEO Tourism Canmore Kananaskis. "Now the festival has grown into a platform that can support major sporting and cultural events year after year, which has led to a significant increase in visitors to our attractions and business growth in our downtown core.”

Budget 2014 tourism highlights include:

  • Destination Management $21.5 million
  • Research and Innovation $3.4 million
  • Promoting Alberta $56.3 million (Travel Alberta)

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