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Canadian Tourism Industry Annual Report

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), in collaboration with The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), HLT Advisory and Visa Canada have created the Winter 2013 version of the Annual Report on the Tourism Industry. This is the second annual report and features a new focus on tourism’s role in Canada’s overall economy.

This at-a-glance collection of industry statistics can act as a reference piece for industry, key decision makers, business media and politicians.

Travel and tourism is among the highest performing sectors of the global economy, experiencing average growth of 4% and generating over $1trillion in annual revenue. While travel and tourism is Canada’s largest export service sector, it is not keeping pace with its competitors.

Progress has been made through recent government actions and investments to open new markets, improve visa facilitation and air access agreements (Brazil & China). However, in 2012, Canada’s inbound overnight growth was only 1.7% - just less than half the international average. This under-performance – due, in many cases to fixable policy barriers – is contributing to an innovation and investment deficit that, if unaddressed, will further erode future competitiveness.

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Tourism Industry Association of Canada