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Expedia Partnership Positions Alberta as Exclusive Winter Destination

An exclusive partnership between Travel Alberta and Expedia, one of the largest online travel agencies (OTA) in North America, makes Alberta the first and only Canadian destination to create a cobranded campaign with the potential to grow far-reaching revenue-generating opportunities. One such opportunity is access to important winter tourism target markets in the U.S., enabling Alberta to position its unique experiences favourably against the competition.

“One of the most important outcomes of our partnership with Expedia is that Alberta is now the exclusive winter destination featured in Expedia U.S. advertising,” said Cameron Wood, Manager, Business Development, Global Projects for Travel Alberta. “For the duration of our two-year partnership, we take centre stage any time a potential visitor begins planning their winter experience with Expedia. We hope the awareness of Alberta as the place to do winter lasts even longer, especially in the U.S. as our largest international market.”

The cobranded campaign features online video and banner advertisements that align to Expedia’s U.S. marketing brand coupled with content from Travel Alberta.

“Expedia is making a significant investment in marketing Alberta through this campaign,” said Wood. “Winter visitation still has room to develop in many parts of the province, so working with Expedia presents further opportunity for Alberta tourism in a season primed for growth.”

Global Reach and Taking On the Competition

As part of this exclusive U.S. campaign, Travel Alberta is planning strategically targeted marketing presence in key markets on Expedia platforms including Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, China and the United Kingdom.

Travellers searching for winter products on these Expedia sites will be directed to Alberta content highlighting specific seasonal experiences throughout the province in their language and with content specifically tailored to them.

Impact and Reach

Research shows that OTAs like Expedia are often the first stop for consumers to purchase travel packages. They also use them as search engines for destination options and ideas.

The Expedia platform offers a wide variety of Alberta accommodation options throughout most regions of the province, and Expedia’s global reach is extensive, garnering 94 million monthly unique visitors globally and 1.4 billion monthly page views.

“This campaign allows us to impact destination decisions and bookings, both directly with industry and through Expedia, after using the channel for destination research,” Wood says. “We expect accommodation, flights and winter experience bookings to increase through this campaign, providing a benefit to the Alberta visitor economy as a whole. This level of reach in all of Travel Alberta’s global key markets would be not be possible without a global partner like Expedia.”

Measurement and ROI

With access to Expedia technology, Travel Alberta also gains the ability to measure campaign impact and return on investment.

“Alberta ads viewed as a result of this campaign are tracked to determine if a purchase from an Alberta airport, hotel or other Alberta product is completed,” Wood explains, adding that through this campaign they will be able to estimate the impact to the Alberta visitor economy, contributing directly to Alberta's goal of reaching $10 billion in visitor expenditures by 2020.

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