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Hoteliers Pleased with Travel Alberta

The 2010 Annual Report of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) , presented at the association’s annual meeting in Lake Louise last week, reports that AHLA member satisfaction with Travel Alberta has grown to 3.10/4 or 77.5% in 2010.

“The AHLA is satisfied with the governance and accountability of tourism marketing under Travel Alberta’s Board of Directors and CEO,” states the report. “Under CEO Bruce Okabe, Travel Alberta has adopted a collaborative and strategic approach to tourism marketing – one that the AHLA strongly supports,” stated the report.

"We are very pleased that Travel Alberta has earned the trust and respect of the tourism and hospitality sector, said Bruce Okabe. “These results are a strong indication that the strategy we have embarked upon is strongly endorsed by our partners and stakeholders."

Satisfaction by AHLA members in Travel Alberta has grown to 3.10 on a four point scale in 2010 from 3.07/4 in 2009 and 3.06/4 in 2008.

AHLA member satisfaction with Travel Alberta is used by the AHLA to a measure performance of the association’s strategic initiative to ensure that Alberta’s tourism levy remains focused on tourism marketing and development.
Travel Alberta