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Jasper Destination Marketing Corporation commits support to the DMF collector code of conduct

Jasper Destination Marketing Corp. (JDMC) is pleased to formally commit its support to the code of conduct developed for collectors of destination marketing fees (DMFs) and is proud to pledge and uphold the values laid out within. 

This code of conduct is the first stage in a series of recommendations by the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) regarding the governance and administration of DMF levies. This voluntary code was developed by the AHLA in consultation with organizations that collect DMFs to promote transparency in the collection, management and use of such funds.

Adoption of the code will assist operationally in improving the management, administration and governance structures, while also raising the level of transparency towards consumers, government bodies and industry partners.

As a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), JDMC already follows most of the criteria laid out by the AHLA. It is an elected board that oversees the DMO. JDMC DMF funds are collected and administered by a trustee, and strict audit processes and controls are in place, including annual audits of financial statements.  Further, all JDMC Shareholders sign a destination marketing agreement that details the commitment and collection of the funds.

Maggie Davison, CEO of Tourism Jasper, says she is “very keen to continue working with the AHLA to encourage adoption of the code by other organizations collecting DMF’s. Both Tourism Jasper and the JDMC remain committed to upholding the integrity of DMF collection and use. The code is an excellent step in the right direction.”

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