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Total arrivals to Canada from international markets “the highest on record”: Destination Canada

Positive news from Destination Canada’s most recent Tourism Snapshot. In June 2016, Canada greeted 2,099,675 overnight visitors from DC’s 11 international markets. This is up 5.6% relative to June 2015 and is the highest number since 2007. Year-to-date overnight arrivals from DC’s 11 international markets have grown 10.2% to 7.0 million visitors.

The Tourism Snapshot provides a monthly and year-to-date update on key Destination Canada market visits to and from Canada, performance of competitors, and other tourism related statistics. 

Here are some of the key highlights from the June 2016 edition:

  • At 7.89 million, total arrivals from all international markets halfway through the year are the highest on record, slightly surpassing the previous peak from 2001.
  • June 2016 overnight arrivals from DC’s 11 international markets saw gains in all markets, with Asia-Pacific (+27.4%), Latin America (+12.1%), Europe (+7.8%) and the US (+3.1%) all seeing increases. Buoyant Asia-Pacific growth in June 2016 was backed by a very strong performance from China (+48.7%).
  •  We continue to observe growth in year-to-date arrivals in all DC regions with Asia-Pacific (+14.6%) and Latin America (14.1%) leading the way, followed by the US (+10.0%) and Europe (+6.5%).
  • While still positive, overnight arrivals from the United States saw sluggish growth in June (+3.1%). US arrivals saw significant growth in air (+14.5%), marginal growth in other (+0.8%) arrivals, however auto arrivals (-2.2%) saw a decline for the first time since August 2015.

Read the Tourism Snapshot – June 2016 in full. Supporting statistical tables are also available.

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