Travel Alberta

Measuring Marketing Impact

Since April 1, 2015, Travel Alberta has been using a new tool to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. The tool is called the Traveller Engagement Index (TEI) and sets the stage for future measurement that provides forward thinking business intelligence versus “rear-view mirror” assessments.

It’s essential to be able to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts based on real-time data, and to adapt our marketing tactics in a timely and agile manner. Following in-depth analysis, Travel Alberta identified the need for a global marketing measurement framework.

As a marketing organization, Travel Alberta doesn’t have traditional distribution channels or a “cash register.” However, real-time data that feeds into the TEI forms part of our vision to adopt a classic business model that includes marketing, distribution and sales. We are also able to use data that represents a proxy cash register, from sources like the Alberta Hospitality & Lodging Association (AHLA) and other industry partners.

Why an Index?

An index helps communicate many numbers as a single number with the purpose of making it easy to watch and summarize its ups and downs. The Travel Alberta Traveller Engagement Index is the real-time measurement of Travel Alberta’s direct to traveller marketing initiatives. It is an indicator of how Travel Alberta is engaging with the traveller and how in return travellers are engaging with Travel Alberta.

An index allows for consistency in the single reported number over time, while allowing for flexibility in the data inputs – a very important aspect in the highly evolving world of digital technology and marketing. It allows measurement across paid, earned and owned channels, and provides insights on high performing executions, allowing us to optimize our budget and drive lower the cost of visitor acquisition.

Travel Alberta looks for opportunities to be agile in a dynamic and competitive tourism marketplace and to get the maximum number of visitors to Alberta in the most targeted, cost effective way possible.

A significant part of Travel Alberta’s business is marketing, and marketing has rapidly evolved with increased use of the Internet, mobile devices and social media engagement. The TEI encompasses all global marketing throughout the visitor path to purchase, and will serve as our master measurement strategy for traveller-direct initiatives.


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